Friday, May 20, 2011

Post 1 The Apocalypse, The Rapture, May 21st and Islands of Sanity in an Ocean of Craziness

Hi South Coast Skeptics! I wanted to get this blog up and running before May 21, 2011.
In lieu of a End of the World Party, I'm offering this blog for us to post on.

Harold Camping and friends and the current apocalyptic hoopla (which will largely be over on May 23rd taking into consideration, pre apocalypse, apocalypse, and post apocalypse rhetoric), is a worthy example of why those of us who consider ourselves skeptics need our little islands of sanity in this vast ocean of craziness.

I find it ironic and frustrating that sooo many people while calling "Camping & Cult" a bunch of nuts will in the next breath claim they believe in the whole Book of Revelations, Jesus is coming, etc... nonsense, as they figuratively cross themselves, superstitiously guarding against the evil magic they imagine lurking all around them.

I'm thankful that I have the freedom and the means to communicate with people that largely have the same secular Humanist world view (?) that I do.


Anonymous said...

Having some limited experience with cults, I don't want to judge this May 21st group to harshly. Some of these that were swept away will have rude and painful awakening.
To them I say, "Welcome back to sanity!"

SC Skeptic said...

I just tried getting on Harold Campings website
It's a no show so far today.

I surmise that:
They took it down yesterday because they figured they'd be raptured today anyway

They are so embarrassed right now they don't want to explain why the rapture didn't happen

there's too much traffic on the site

or...No one is there to man the site. cue doomsday music